Healthy Fats For Keto Diet

Healthy Fats For Keto Diet

Healthy fats for keto diet - Ketogenic diets based on high consumption of fat, protein and low carbohydrate. Even though the previous sentence should be your motto, if you start this diet, that doesn't mean their source can be anything. There are unhealthy fat sources to avoid, as well as a healthy fat source, perhaps where you expect less.

Since they make up about 70% of the macros on ketogenic diets, fats are definitely important. However, this type of fat is also important, and there is some confusion on what is best to eat. Fat is given green light when it comes to a keto diet and good health can generally be divided into four categories: saturated fats, single saturated fats (MUFAs), polyunsaturated fats (PUFA), and trans fats occur naturally. The truth is that all fats contain a mixture of sorts, but one dominated is how we sort them.

Over the years, saturated fats are considered harmful to cardiovascular health and we are encouraged to reduce them as much as possible. However, recent studies have shown this, suggesting that there is no significant relationship between saturated fats, which have been human eating for thousands of years and the risk of heart disease. Healthy fats for keto diet. In fact, there are many benefits including healthy saturated fats in the diet.

In addition, a saturated fat consists of triglycerides (MCT), mainly found in coconut oil (and in small quantities in butter and palm oil) and can be consumed by the body very easily. When eaten, they are transmitted directly to the liver for immediate use for energy. MCT is good for weight loss and sports performance. Now, we will break all kinds of fats while eating a more thorough ketogenic diet so that you can get out of them in your own food choices.

List of Healthy Fats for Keto Diet

1. My favorite butter occupies an important position in ketogenic diets, an excellent source of fat fats. Healthy fats for keto diet. With a mild peanut flavor, the butter is a versatile fruit that can turn into sauces, spreads, croquette, or can eat like that. 100 gram butter contains 15.4 grams of lipid and only 2 grams of carbohydrates and 2 proteins.

2. Coconut, a source of other healthy fats, contains 33.5 grams of fat and 6.2 grams of carbohydrates. His no sense will not cause you to defeat your daily carbohydrate. See Also: Does Sweating Help You Lose Weight

3. Butter, mandatory grass (joke, not mandatory, but particularly delicious and healthy), in my opinion, is the best animal fat source. It can be eaten so in coffee, in food or can be converted into ghee for use in frying or sauces.

4. Egg yolks, the most delicious part of this food, is a great fat source. I know, so far you've been saying that from the egg, the most healthy part of the diet is meant to alleviate whites, but the hyper protic diet and this hyper protective comes with some health problems.

5. Vegetable oil. Almonds, walnuts, Brazilian beads, macadamia or hazelnut can contribute to the percentage of fat you should consume every day. Healthy fats for keto diet. Be careful to moisten them and then blurring them to remove the petit acid on the bark, an antioxidant that does not allow absorption of minerals and vitamins.

6. Cold pressed oil is a source of fat in the keto diet and can be used in salads, sauces or mayonnaise. Read labels carefully to make sure you get the oil of good quality.

7. Black chocolate with 85% chocolate has more than 55 grams of fat, made from brown butter. And he's keto!

8. Pork, blamed wrong when eating cholesterol (NB cholesterol in the diet does not affect blood in the blood), is one of the best options in diets when it comes to meat. Whether we are talking about ham, chocolate or even fat pigs, pigs should not be avoided in ketogenic diets. Of course, it is important to join vegetables.

9. Oil MCT. Very useful in the oxidation of fat, MCT is widely used by both endurance athletes and by people who want to lose weight, this oil is also known to reduce appetite.

10. Uncooked cheese. Mascarpone, gorgonzola, brie, Cascaval, Camembert are all keto foods combined with other healthy fats on this list as well as green vegetables can be examples of delicious dishes.

Of course, the list may continue, depending on the living area and the preference of each individual. It is important not to think that fat is healthy just because we have applied ketogenic lifestyles. Don't be afraid of saturated fat, choose unprocessed fats as much as possible, and avoid the fats and oils found in processed foods and packaged in plants. Healthy fats for keto diet. However, the aim of the ketogenic diet is to improve your health and include not only maintaining the proportion of fat, protein, and proper carbohydrates but also the choice of food sources also improves health.